Other Services


Antennas – Cabling – Home Theater We have developed a reputation in Wembley over time for providing high-quality low-cost installs and repairs for all domestic and commercial customers 24 hours a day seven days a week, we can provide test and tag and basic quick jobs from as low as $99 or full commercial installations costing 10s of thousands in high rise buildings. As well as electrical jobs we can also help with all cabling work, tv antenna and tv hanging jobs as well as…

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Emergency Electrician


24 HOUR CALL OUT WE OFFER SAME DAY FAST SERVICE, 95% ALL JOBS ARE DONE WITH ONE VISIT. Whatever electrical emergency you have in your home, hotel, nursing home, commercial property or retail outlet, loss supply, blown fuse, burning smells, fault lighting or sockets, installing cooker or immersion heater, circuits tripping, water damage or even fire we here to help All our electricians are approved and have years experience so be assured your in safe hands with honest advice. We been in business for over…

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Commercial Electrical


Factory or business power gone down? Need a commercial electrician around Rockingham?  Call Tony today. With over 24 years in the trade, we are skilled, qualified and professional electricians that are available 24/7. When things go wrong, you want an electrician to act quickly as it can cost time and money. Anything can cause a problem with the electricity and the answer could be straight forward, but it could also be very dangerous. Until you are aware of the exact problem, it is always best to contact…

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Domestic Electrical

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Fremantle Domestic Electrical We can help install or repair the following for our local domestic customers Call Tony now or chat online for a fast quote and booking 24/7 Additional sockets Circuit board installs Circuit breaker repairs Complete and partial rewiring Consumer unit replacements Cooker points Domestic appliances Door entry systems Earthing ports and bonding Electric heaters Electric radiators Electrical fault finding Electrical repairs Emergency 24 hour service Emergency lighting External lighting Fuse box replacements Fused spurs Garden lighting Heating controls Immersion heaters Lighting design…

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Flexible Electricians 24/7 Part 2 – Hard-Wired Smoke Detectors and RCD Safety Switches Installation


hard-wired smoke detectors; RCD switches; flexible electricians 24/7 When dealing with home and appliance installation in contact with electricity, asking for electrician’s supervision is one of the ways of ensuring safety of your own self and the household. Setting up hard-wired smoke detectors and detecting current overload of Residual-Current Device (RCD) are two common services that asking for flexible electricians 24/7 supervision and skills. Honestly, the installation is tricky and somewhat dangerous for beginners. Take a look at below facts: Tips and Basic Steps on…

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When To Call A Professional Electrician To Re-Wire Your Old House


Even if how costly as it may be, whether you live in an old house chances are it could be time to rewire. Homes constructed as of late as the 1980s may not meet today’s security models as buyers now depend on such a variety of things that make use of electricity. Along with acquiring digital flatscreeen TV’s, high speed internet connection (which obliges the use of exceptional Cat-5 wiring by every net service provider) desktop and laptop PC’s, modern appliances and other types of…

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The Best Fremantle Ceiling Fan Installation Services Company


Ceiling fans are multi-purpose and serves as additional source of cool air especially during summer time. They serve the reason for decorating a room while giving a cool wind and making the room comfortable. Ceiling fans are a little more troublesome to install than standard roof fans on the grounds that you need to wire the wall switch connection and making sure that the whole ceiling fan assembly is tightly screwed and secured once it is fixed on the ceiling. Hiring the services of a…

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Common Stove Install And Oven ElementsThat Need Professional Home Service


Ovens and stoves are essential components of an ideal kitchen. It can function as a combination of grill and stove or as its individual uses. It can come in two ways, electric powered or gas using ovens and stoves. Basically, both units do not have any problems if the set up is properly connected and installed. In case you have an issue with your stove or broiler, don’t risk yourself in trying to troubleshoot the problem. It is highly recommended that stove install and oven…

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Dimmer Switch Alternatives for Home and Business Buildings


While having dinner at a friend’s home one other night something struck everyone. The evening was perfect; great food, fabulous owners, and an overall great time. But what last but not least hit me has been the ambient lighting in the dining room. I’ve seen dimmed lights just before, but at this moment I ran across what simple transform in lighting was effective at spoiling the mood of the evening. So what if you too would decide to install a dimmer switch at home? This…

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Fuse Box Repairs & Upgrades – Why Hire Electricians?


Fuse box are important features of any electricity appliance or even in the overall electricity network of a building .They perform a very significant function of ensuring that safety is guaranteed in case of any electrical fault or power surge which might occur. Fuse box functions in the same way as circuit breakers. Fuse box is a hitched cover metal box which contains fuses that controls the distribution of electricity to all the electricity branches in a building. All the incoming electricity must pass through…

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