Dedicated High Current Electrical Circuits

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Need a high current device like a spa wired up? You’ll need a specialised power connection.

A spa is one of those things every person loves but it is also a hazard that can be fatal for the masses. A hot tub requires a lot of power to keep it running, generally requiring a dedicated high-current circuit to power the device. To top it all off the hot tub itself is filled entirely with water. Water and electricity don’t mix well and will always create a highly lethal hazard. So in knowing this, the wiring for your hot tub surely should be completed by a qualified Fremantle electrician who has a vast knowledge of hot tub and spa wiring.

Usually, you will find that the electrical circuit for a hot tub requires the use of a 50-amp circuit breaker at 240 volts. However, if you do some research and heavy shopping you can typically find a smaller unit that is able to operate on a 20-amp circuit at 120 volts. It is an important step to see if you can find this type of hot tub as the entire wiring installation for this type will be less expensive. On top of the type of circuit, there are some other rules you have to follow when installing a dedicated circuit for a hot tub. You must have an emergency shut up that is clearly labelled and fully accessible to all users. This must be no less than five feet away and in plain view of the hot tub. You must use a flexible liquid-tight and non-metallic conduit for running the actual power lines. The interior wiring of which must contain a copper equipment grounding conductor.

All of this applies to a person installing a hot tub however some of us are lucky enough to move into a house that already contains a hot tub. If you are one of these lucky people it is best to have some safety checks done in order to ensure that it is in fact wired correctly. Many professional electricians will check the existing hot tub circuit for any safety problems and also ensure it is properly grounded. This entire inspection will not cost you very much money at all, however, the peace of mind that comes with knowing you, your family, and your friends are safe inside the water is worth every penny you have to give.

Another small inspection you will want to have with a brand new or existing hot tub is if the hot tub itself has a 60A or a 50A disconnect. The difference in the two is more than what you would assume and will affect the dedicated circuit entirely. Many new hot tubs will come with different wiring options and diagrams for how to complete it in order to allow the heaters and jets to run at the same time. If you don’t know how yours is wired it is best to hire someone who can figure it out for you. Getting the correct hot tub disconnect installed will give you the most with your entire hot tub experience.

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