When To Call A Professional Electrician To Re-Wire Your Old House


Even if how costly as it may be, whether you live in an old house chances are it could be time to rewire. Homes constructed as of late as the 1980s may not meet today’s security models as buyers now depend on such a variety of things that make use of electricity. Along with acquiring digital flatscreeen TV’s, high speed internet connection (which obliges the use of exceptional Cat-5 wiring by every net service provider) desktop and laptop PC’s, modern appliances and other types of equipments that require the use of electricity and higher load of power consumption, you home must be ready to keep up with the growing demand. In this case, you must need to consult a licensed electrical service company that can help you decide what your best options are when you need to rewire your old home.

Old wirings can break down until it becomes a potential risk to your lives and property.  Also, old wiring may not pass building code inspections in case you plan to sell your old home. It will be difficult to convince them that the house is still safe if blown out fuses and wirings are visibly damaged.


Here are three sure signs to tell if you need to re-wire your old home.

1. Your wiring looks as though it’s decayed or split of into disrepair. To figure out whether you have old wiring or not, the first thing to search for is the dark wire heading into your main switch box  that is generally known as your electrical board, normally put inside the home. It holds both small scale circuit breakers and private current circuit breakers. The dark wire is a great proof of old age in light of the fact that current 21st century wires are now covered in PVC material providing for them a white or ash shade. The old dark wires are covered with rubber that disintegrates quickly and permits wires to contact. Electrical wires that have the PVC covering are designed to last longer.

2. If you just have only one power outlet for every room, you are genuinely underserviced. You ought to have power outlets installed for each six to eight feet for your electrical appliances, and your jacks need to be legitimately grounded for three-prong machines.

3. Lastly, you know something is not right in case you’re encountering blown wires or force blackouts. If you have reinstated a fuse more than once in the previous year your wiring can’t deal with what you will require it to. Unless you have your wiring settled your issues will just hold on and you’ll simply continue blowing fuses and waste time and money.


Approach an authorized electrical technician for an entire electrical system check. The expense for rewiring can shift broadly, as stated by work requires in your general vicinity, maybe many dollars. If you decide to re-wire you old house and have a new electrical system installed, you’ll need to have it done by an authorized electrical service company in Fremantle like Andrew’s Home Services. They are certified by the city and strictly comply with the safety and regulation laws of the building code in Fremantle, Australia. A new wiring system is well worth the expense in the peace and safety of your family.